Some Nmap Commands

Turn on OS and version detection scanning script (IPv4)

nmap -A
nmap -v -A
nmap -A -iL /tmp/scanlist.txt

Find out if a host/network is protected by a firewall

nmap -sA

Scan a host when protected by the firewall

nmap -PN

Scan a network and find out which servers and devices are up and running
This is known as host discovery or ping scan:

nmap -sP

Sample outputs:

Host is up (0.00035s latency).
MAC Address: BC:AE:C5:C3:16:93 (Unknown)
Host is up (0.0038s latency).
MAC Address: 74:44:01:40:57:FB (Unknown)
Host is up.
Host nas03 ( is up (0.0091s latency).
MAC Address: 00:11:32:11:15:FC (Synology Incorporated)
Nmap done: 256 IP addresses (4 hosts up) scanned in 2.80 second

Only show open (or possibly open) ports

nmap --open

Show all packets sent and received

nmap --packet-trace

Scan a host using TCP ACK (PA) and TCP Syn (PS) ping
If firewall is blocking standard ICMP pings, try the following host discovery methods:

nmap -PS
nmap -PS 80,21,443
nmap -PA
nmap -PA 80,21,200-512

How do I detect remote operating system?
You can identify a remote host apps and OS using the -O option:

nmap -O
nmap -O --osscan-guess
nmap -v -O --osscan-guess


How to Clear DNS Cache in MacOS Sierra

  1. Open the Terminal application, found in the Utilities folder within Applications
  2. Enter the following command syntax exactly (use copy and paste if in doubt about syntax accuracy):
    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder;say DNS cache has been flushed
  3. Hit the Return/Enter key and enter the admin password when requested (this is necessary because of sudo privileges)
  4. Wait a few moments for the DNS cache to be cleared

CLI: Converting Using OpenSSL

Convert a DER file (.crt, .cer, .der) to PEM
openssl x509 -inform der -in certificate.cer -out certificate.pem

Convert a PEM file to DER
openssl x509 -outform der -in certificate.pem -out certificate.der

Convert a PKCS#12 file (.pfx, .p12) containing a private key and certificates to PEM
openssl pkcs12 -in keyStore.pfx -out keyStore.pem -nodes
You can add -nocerts to only output the private key or add -nokeys to only output the certificates.

openssl pkcs12 -in filename.pfx -clcerts -nokeys -out certificate.cer
openssl pkcs12 -in filename.pfx -nocerts -out privatekey-encrypted.key

Convert a PEM certificate file and a private key to PKCS#12 (.pfx .p12)
openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey privateKey.key -in certificate.crt -certfile CACert.crt


CLI: PNG Bilder optimieren

PNG sollte man gerade im Web optimieren, damit zum Beispiel die Website schneller geladen wird. Das kann man direkt auf dem Server mit Optipng erledigen.

Optipng installieren (Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install optipng

Syntax von Optipng:

optipng file
optipng [options] file
optipng [options] input.png

Alle PNGs (auch in Unterordnern) finden und optimieren. Die vorhandenen PNGs werden durch die optimierte Version überschrieben. Wer das nicht möchte sollte vorher ein Backup von dem Ordner machen:

cd /var/www/html/uploads/mypngs/
find . -type f -iname "*.png" -print0 | xargs -I {} -0 optipng -o5 -quiet -keep -preserve -log optipng.log "{}"

Kleines Bash-Skript welches die PNGs optimiert und die vorhandenen überschreibt:

cd /path/to/png/2016/
for i in *.png; do optipng -o5 -quiet -keep -preserve -log optipng.log "$i"; done

In der Datei „optipng.log“ wird alles dokumentiert.

Hier noch ein kleines Bash-Skript bei die vorhandenen PNGs nicht durch die optimierten Versionen überschrieben werden, sondern in dem Ordner „optimized“ gespeichert werden:

cd /path/to/png/2016/
mkdir optimized
for i in *.png; do optipng -o5 -quiet -keep -preserve -dir optimized -log optipng.log "$i"; done

Außer Optipng gibt es noch weitere Tools: pngcrush / pngnq / pngquant


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